Motsognir - a robust, reliable and easy to install gopher server

Copyright © 2008-2016 Mateusz Vistelink

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About Motsognir

Motsognir is a robust, reliable and easy to install open-source gopher server for Unix-like systems (Linux, BSD, and anything else POSIX-compliant).

The Motsognir gopher server is meant to be used for small projects (like home servers), but should scale well on bigger architectures as well. All the configuration is done via a single configuration file, which has very reasonable defaults. That makes Motsognir easily maintainable, and allows the administrator to have a full knowledge of what features are allowed/enabled on the server, and what's not. Motsognir supports server-side CGI applications and PHP scripts, is plainly compatible with UTF-8 filesystems, and is entirely written in ANSI C without external dependencies.

Motsognir is primarily distributed in its source form, but it has been packaged into multiple systems, hence there's a chance that your operating system distribution already have it.

Interested? Feel free to check out Motsognir's user manual before getting into the fun.

What is Gopher? (extract borrowed from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

“The Gopher protocol was strongly oriented towards a menu-document design and presented an alternative to the World Wide Web in its early stages, but ultimately HTTP became the dominant protocol. The Gopher ecosystem is often regarded as the effective predecessor of the World Wide Web. (...) Gopher has been described by some enthusiasts as "faster and more efficient and so much more organised" than today's Web services. The Gopher protocol is still in use by enthusiasts, and a small population of actively maintained servers remain although it has been almost entirely supplanted by the Web.”

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